Lamentations II

Free will and life should be with God
Mine (and probably yours) 
Wouldn’t it be easier to live my life and do God’s Will 
Without Original Sin?

Adam didn’t have it 
Not Eve 
Not Jesus  
Not Mary 

Adam and Eve fucked up
Jesus and Mary didn’t
Even if I didn’t have it
I’d have a 50% chance of doing God’s Will

With it, 
I am filled with sin, sin that comes from Original Sin, which I really don’t think I ever asked for
Especially not at the moment of conception or Birth or just about every other moment in my life that I can remember

And sometimes the sin of despair comes too 
The Great Sin, 
the sin you should never have, 
the sin that slanders God

The Great Sin 
I am a worm
My God my God
Why have You forsaken me?

The Great Sin that 
now and forever
will cause me to 
burn in Gehenna

Jesus said that too
My God my God
Why have You forsaken me?
Jesus said that too

The Sinless One 
Commits it Too?

Just maybe
He was Pissed Off
Is getting pissed off at God
A Sin?

Jakob was
When he wrestled with God
All night
God broke his hip 

Maybe He was Frustrated 
He Said it in Frustration
hating that the people, the people who keep putting him there the common people and the rulers and the you and me the sinners, put him there

The ones who
like me
Have no chance of working it out
Who are fucked by Original Sin

Groaning Under it
Corrupting our thoughts 
And our actions
Every single one

Keeping us 
My God my God why have You forsaken me?

Screaming Crying to a Father 
Who Promised that everyone who asks receives, and everyone who seeks finds and 
our knock will open the door.

Who isn’t there
Fucking me and everyone else and His Son
Who Was 
Asking too

Sometimes I think
That maybe it's even harder to live in this world of pollution and garbage if you are without Original Sin
To see the slaughter and the evil went we have done  what we have yet to do
Evil little motherfuckers trying their damnedest to destroy the other

And themselves

Where is the Father then?
The One that allowed them and me to commit Original Sin
And the Great Sin
The Father that Promised but wasn't there and didn’t open the fucking Door 

For His Son
Or me
Who Cry
To Our Father

Go ahead
Break my hip
I’ll at least know
You are there

But what kind of loving Father
breaks their child’s hip?
Or gives them a snake 
when they ask for food?

Or lets them hang on a Cross
or live in this world
or plead
My God, my God where are you?